Internship Placement Eligibility Requirement

Career Accelerator students are expected to demonstrate their eagerness to participate in the program by meeting all seminar requirements and participating in various sponsored activities and events. 

Internships are not guaranteed.  Every possible assistance is provided to students to identify opportunities on their behalf as well as train them to manage the search by themselves.  Students are coached on how best to engage with a company and interview with them to increase success outcomes both in the interview process as well as on the job.

To be eligible for direct assistance with an internship, a student must:

- Maintain at least 90% attendance in all Career Accelerator activities and workshops
- Complete all major milestone projects
- Remain in good academic standing
- Remain in good immigration standing and obtain the necessary paperwork to get CPT or OPT from the correct department


Upon successful completion of the Career Accelerator, you have the opportunity to receive internship placement assistance.  You will gain access to exclusive internships at leading global corporations, based on your track and professional goals, and work closely with your Career Accelerator advisor to find placement in the internship that’s best for you. For example, if you are an Entrepreneurship Track student, you might intern for a tech startup in Silicon Valley, while a Sponsored Business Development Track student might intern for a multinational corporation such as Google, Deloitte, ExxonMobil, or Microsoft.